Are there any big cat species that are not endangered?



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    There are a few species of wild cat whose conservation status is considered to be of ‘least concern’. These include the bobcat, the Canadian lynx, the Eurasian lynx, the leopard cat, and the puma. Most populations are declining, however, so more cat species may become endangered if conservation efforts are not supported in the future. For a full list, see the link below.

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    The African Lion is listed as “Vulnerable.” There has been an estimated loss of thirty percent of their population over the past two decades. Their biggest threat comes from ranchers and farmers, who poison or kill them to protect their livestock.

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    The Ocelot is labeled as being “least concern” as of 2008, but was classifed “vulnerable from 1872 to 1996 due to overhunting for it’s fur.

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    Ocelots are actually classified as “endangered” in the US. There are estimated to exist fewer than 100 ocelots in the wild in the US, of which between 30 and 40 live on a wildlife preserve in southern Texas. Even in Central and South America, however, National Geographic has listed them as “threatened”.

    The ocelot:


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