Are there any Beatles songs with a strong environmental message?

Just wondering how all y’all environmentally minded people interpret my fave band ha ha



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    Well, while no Beatles songs explicitly mention the environement (as in Cake’s Too Much Carbon Monoxide), I’ve always thought that George Harrison’s It’s All Too Much, written for the Yellow Submarine soundtrack in 1968, has a beautiful message about appreciating the beauty of the Earth and respecting the world around you. See the lyrics in the cited link.

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    I don’t think that there are any that have a clear environmental message, but there are many that demonstrate a strong appreciation for nature. The lyrics of Octopus’s Garden, for instance, describe a happy, serene ocean life. Here Comes the Sun is another song that could be seen as a show of environmental appreciation.

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    By the time the Beatles started writing “message” songs (which is to say not “I Want To Hold Your Hand”), they were using drugs heavily and sickening of the music industry.  Songs were pieced together from fragments, many songs were recorded as “in-jokes” and they became more interested in production than lyrical quality.  In short, I wouldn’t take a message from any Beatles song.

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