are there any bad points to recycling



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    Most of the cons stem from the fact that much of the material that we throw into recycling bins can’t actually be recycled efficiently.  Only 6.8% of the plastic we use in the United States can actually be recycled – that includes the plastic in things like yogurt cups, milk jugs, plastic packaging, etc.  People also tend to not sort their recycling well, resulting in contamination that renders everything in your bin useless.  Proper recycling can help cut down on the amount of waste we produce, but as far as the three Rs go, reusing and reducing are probably more valuable than recycling.

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    Most of the negative points to recycling are minimal, and do not necessarily affect the public at large. These cons relate mostly to recycling facilities themselves, in that any waste or harmful chemicals can be dangerous to the surrounding environment by affecting the local water and soil. However, this is only an issue if such things are mishandled or neglected, and isn’t that big of an issue due to strict regulations in handling dangerous materials.  

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