Are there any awesome looking eco watches?



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    I personally like the look of the Citizen quartz eco-watches. They have a wide variety of designs for both men and women. These watches are specially engineered to harness the power of light so they never need a battery. This is done through the installation of a solar conversion panel and energy cell that acts as the main power provider for the watch (Citizen Watch United Kingdom, Ltd., 2010).

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    If you’re looking for something fun and quirky, the Altanus’ Patch Watch is a good one.  It is made out of paper and is totally biodegradable.  It comes in various colors and is bound to draw attention – even without all the diamonds. I wouldn’t wear it to a black tie event by any means, but this is a pretty cool watch!  

  3. 0 Votes wrote a rave review about Sprout watches, calling them the greenest watches “hands down.” According to the company’s site, the watches are 80-86% eco-friendly by weight. This includes organic (cotton), biodegradable (corn resin), recyclable materials (tyrek), conflict free diamonds, mercury-free batteries and 80% post consumer packaging. They have a lot more information on the eco-facts page on their site. Thet are also pretty swanky looking, from casual to higher-end:



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    Sprout watches are pretty cool looking and definitely eco-friendly.  They’re made from materials like bamboo, corn-resin, recycled fibers and mercury-free batteries.  They’re pretty trendy looking and come in men and women’s styles.  Check ’em out here:

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    WEWOOD features stylish and unique watches made out of wood such as maple. The company credits itself as being eco-friendly and sustainable. All their watches are free of artificial and toxic materials. Furthermore, for every watch that is purchased, WEWOOD vows to plant a tree in associated with American Forests, a nonprofit conservation organization.

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