Are there any areas of the ocean that are dangerous to eat the fish caught there because of pollution?



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    Pollution affects pretty much any waterway, from local rivers to the Pacific Ocean.  Pollution can come vary from trash and debris to the impact of everyday pesticides that get in the water.  The North Pacific Ocean is affected by so much debris scientists call it “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”  Less is known about the Atlantic Ocean.

    In terms of what areas specifically are unsafe, it is hard to find information on that.  But here is a link to a website with a guide to sustainable, healthy seafood:


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    Adding to what melissakloc mentioned, I agree it’s rather difficult to find exact data on whether or not your seafood came from polluted waters. However, I’d refrain from eating seafood that you know comes from a specific region that was recently effected by a natural disaster, such as an oil spill. There are also certain types of fish that are known to contain pollutants, such as tuna fish and mercury. Here’s some more information about the tuna mercury contamination. 

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