Are there any animals that will attack an adult giraffe?



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    The giraffe is one the largest animals out there and certainly the tallest.  Usually its height comes from its great legs which are typically around 2 meters long although it is not unusual for a giraffe’s neck to be even longer.  This size alone makes the animal pretty intimidating and there are few animals who will even attempt an attack, no matter how vulnerable the giraffe is. 

    That being said lions are really the only animal that will attack an adult giraffe.  The lion will only kill it though if the giraffe is lying down.  If the lion is feeling bold he might leap onto the giraffe’s back in a complete ambush.  The giraffe defends himself by kicking with his front feet.  These kicks have been known to be lethal and powerful enough to kill the attacking lion.

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    Lions, leopards and hyenas will sometimes prey on adult giraffes. In addition, humans have hunted giraffes for their skin. Sadly, 50% of young giraffes do not live past the age of 6 months due to death by predators. 

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