Are there any animals that threaten forests?



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    Yes. Some invasive insects can harm forests. Some examples include the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. Basically anytime a non-indigenous species is introduce to a ecosystem, it will alter that system for better or for worse.

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    One animal that is a threat to forests is the mountain pine beetle, which is native to western North American forests. In Colorado and other locations mountain pine beetle outbreaks often result in the death of a large number of trees. They are most commonly found in ponderosa, limber, Scotch, and lodgepole pines. They can be mistakenly transported to another area through infected firewood.

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    In addition to invasive species and invasive native species mentioned above, there is another animal that threatens forests: the cow. Land clearing and forest burning by people who want more pasture land is a major contributor to deforestation. In the Amazon, “60-70 percent of deforestation… results from cattle ranches.”

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