Are there any animals that kiss like humans?



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    This may be graphic, but it has been widely studied by scientists…

    Bonobos are a group of apes who use sex in the same way other animals use violence as a claim to territory or food. “Bonobos use sex as greetings, a mean of solving disputes, making up for fights, and as a favors in exchange for food. They tongue kiss, engage in oral sex, mutual masturbations, have face-to-face genital sex and even have a strange “penis fencing” ritual!” this has a list of a bunch of bizarre mating rituals.

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    While many animals appear to kiss, it is often just grooming. However, one example of a species that does lock lips is the Bonobo, a cousin of the Chimpanzee. The Bonobo is one of the species of primate that can be taught sign language, so it is interesting they also communicate in another almost exclusively human way: kissing.

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    Good question, NinaJoy, the answer is yes, the Bonobo Ape does.

    While many animals display kiss-like behaviors, and are certainly expressing trust and fondness for one another, they are not exactly kissing.  I think it really just boils down to semantics, though.  The definition of kissing in the first place necessitates the possession of lips, something many animals that we observe kiss-like behaviors in don’t even have!  So how could they be kissing?  There is only one animal that kisses in practically the same way that humans do, and that is the Bonobo Ape.

    Hope this helps!

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