Are there any animals that have evolved recently?



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    This is a very interesting question and it’s difficult to find a good answer. The problem is that we can never be sure precisely when a new species has evolved, and part of it is that because evolution is an ongoing process there’s not a specific definition for all purposes of when an animal is a “new” species or merely a variation on an old one. I’m going to make a guess, though, and say that homo sapiens are a relatively recent animal to come on the scene. Anthropologists and biologists believe that modern humans as a species are really only a few million years old, perhaps less than that, and that something occurred in our evolutionary history relatively recently that caused humans to be different than other primates, for example, chimpanzees. Do you count 4 million years ago as “recently?” It depends on what you mean.

    There are new species being discovered quite often on our planet. For example, a new type of robin was recently found in the forests of Gabon in West Africa which had never been seen before. Is it a “new” species in the sense that, it didn’t exist until recently? Probably not; it may have been around for millions of years but we’ve just never spotted one before. This phenomenon is particularly true among animals that live in the deep ocean, where the pace of evolution is very slow and organisms themselves tend to be very old–possibly hundreds or even thousands of years.

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    Humans are actually evolving right now.  More and more people keep being born without wisdom teeth, and the size of our baby toe keeps getting smaller and smaller.  These things are evolution in the works! 

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