Are there any animals that eat both vegetation and meat?



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    Many. They’re called omnivores. Humans, ravens, bears, pigs, squirrels. See the link for more.

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    Omnivores are animals that eat both meat and vegetation. Some animals, will eat vegetation as a substitute for when they are unable to find meat, while scavengers such as racoons can eat a wide variety of food. Bears will also eat a large amount of plant matter to compliment their diet, though this is dependent on what is available in their territory. Omnivores are slightly restricted by what they are able to digest however, most will not eat grain or tough plant matter that requires much grinding.

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    There is a geat site on omnivores, produced by Northwestern University. It lists “large omnivores” as humans and grizzly bears, “medium omnivores” as pigs, chickens, and raccoons, and “small omnivores” as flies and beetles. Find out more info here.

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