Are there any animals that are on the endangered species list because of global warming?



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    In a broad sense the argument can be made that all species are on the endangered list due to global warming. Global warming is changing the habitats for all creatures, humans and non-humans. One drastic case, linked directly to global warming are polar bears. The ice caps are melting due to global warming. The bears practice of swimming to and running across the ice to hunt is being eliminated.

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    Yes, global warming has caused many species to go extinct and has endangered many more.  Scientists will never know exactly how many species have lived and gone extinct because of the vast number of undiscovered species.  They can only estimate the amount of undiscovered life and which ones are being pushed into extinction.  We can only study those we know and try to prevent more loss through environmental conservation and awareness.

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    The main endangered animals because of global warming are polar bears, penguins, and animals in forests such as lions, monkeys, and lots more.


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