Are there any animals that are born without eyes?



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    Sure! Living without eyes is a common adaptation for many animals that live in the dark depths of caves. There is no real light, so there is no need to clog the senses with blank vision, and eyes would just use up precious energy. The other senses of these animals are enhanced, so that they can still wonderfully sense food, dangers, mates, and what have you.

    Here are some of the animals. Descriptions and pictures are available at the link below.

    Blind Cave Tetra (a fish)

    Belize Land Crab

    Grotto Salamanders (okay, they’re not born without eyes. But, as they grow older, their eyes get sucked into their bodies. Cool!)

    Olm Salamander

    Many varieties of cave millipedes

    Cave Crayfish

    Edited to add: many sea creatures don’t have eyes, either. The sea sponge is a great example of this.

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