Are there any all natural lotions?



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    Yes.  In fact, there are many!  Check the link below for a full list of eco-friendly, all-natural retailers of bath and body products.

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    Always make sure to check the labels on natural lotions, there are various kinds and levels.  Some great products include Burts Bees, Korres, Avalon Organics, Pangea Organics. A great resource to checking product ingredients is:

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    This AMAZING website tells you how to make your own lotion (many different kinds: night cream, rose everyday lotion, coconut peach, strawberry), face masks, hair conditioner, lip balm, body scrub, facial cleanser ad more. It uses all natural products and fresh fruits and flowers. Love it!!

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    Greenscape Organic Honey body care makes a nice eco-friendly body lotion. They only use organic ingredients when possible. All of the ingredients are also vegan and cruelty-free and there aren’t any petro-chemicals. The container and packaging are recyclable.

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