Are there any albino seals?



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    I’m not sure if the proper name for them is albino, but there have been sightings of white seals. 


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    Yes, there are albino seals although they are very rare.  You can see two here, and note the red eyes that are characteristic of albinos:

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    According to a Time magazine article from October 1930, the best zoological opinion insists that there are no true albino seals. However, over the last 81 years there have been sightings of white “albino” seals among their dark skinned counterparts.

    Just today, September 16, 2011, there was an article published on about an “albino” seal being found on Russia’s Tyuleniy Island. He is actually a ginger color with pink flippers and blue eyes, but he is definately rare and unusual. Photographer Anatoly Strakhov found the pup being ostrasized by his family. The little seal is almost blind and was unlikely to survive in the wild. Fortunately Mr. Strakhov was in the company of a Russian dolphinarium who have taken the pup into their care.

    Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center Lenie’ t Hart (SRRC) in Holland has reportedly taken in and helped 6 albino seals over the past four decades. The latest one in October, 2010, nearly a decade since the last patient.

    Although very rare, white (albino) seals do seem to exist.

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