Are there any advantages to deforestation?



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    Absolutely, the most notable is the trees themselves. Lumber is a very profitable industry, especially in areas like Brazil’s amazon basin. Exotic wood tends to be worth more money than common wood like pine or oak. Another benefit is the ability to reuse the land that was once a forest. Brazil is clear cutting the rain forest to create room for cow pasture and palm oil plantations to make ethanol. Despite these advantages, there are notable disadvantages. Forests, especially rain forests, are the lungs of the Earth; by cutting them down we destroy a natural CO2 filter. Additionally, different land uses will create different environmental impacts; forests tend to be more helpful and less harmful than pastures and plantations. Finally, in the case of clear cutting rain forest to create “green” biofuel, the means (clear cutting) might negate the perceived beneficial end (green fuel).

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