Are there ants that reproduce asexually?



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    Although it is rare, scientists have found ants that reproduce asexually.  These ants live in the Amazon, and they were discovered last year. 

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    Yes. South American little fire ants (electric ants) are capable of parthenogenesis, a type of asexual reproduction, in which the embryos grow from unfertilized eggs. This process happens in some plants as well as many animals (including some nematodes, arthropodes, reptiles, fish, and even in birds). The disadvantage is low genetic variation, but in the absence of a male or an inability to reproduce sexually it’s better than nothing. In the case of electric ants, parthenogenesis is used by queens to make more queens, and by male workers to produce more workers (during fertilization the egg’s original DNA is destroyed, resulting in a form of parthenogenesis as the egg still contains only half the chromosomes).

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