Are there animals that spend the majority of their lives migrating?



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    Yes, some animals are constantly on the move.  One example is the seagull, which spends most of it’s life flying, not settling down in one location for very long.

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    Actually, being on the move, like seagulls, is not migrating because it’s irregular and generally a way-one trip, and is called differently. Migration refers specifically to seasonal location changes that repeat yearly. Not sure what exactly you are asking, most migrating birds do travel every single year since they are chicks and until their death. In terms of time, however, it usually only takes several weeks at most, which wouldn’t constitute a majority of time. Arctic terns, which have the longest known migration route of any animal with a 64,000 km (40,000 mi) roundtrip, takes 40 days to fly one way. That’s 80 days out of a year on migration, over 1/5th of their life.

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