Are termites the most destructive insect on earth?



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    It depends on where you live… Most sources cite the desert locust as the most destructive insect, from the human point of view. It exists in areas from Africa to India, and eats its own weight in food each day, and devours great amounts of grain and vegetation when traveling in swarms (20,000 tons consumed daily by such a swarm).
    If you don’t live ithin that range, some other insect’s destructive potential is more important to you. Mountain termites, carpenter ants, corn rootworms, and various tree beetles, wreak havoc on crops, forests and structures in different areas.

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    Termites are the most destructive insects for there is hardly anything they do not attack. If care is not taken they can attack metals.

    I consider them the most destructive of all insects because they attack crops in the filed and even when they are in the store. Termites can eat up the polines and rafters of buildings even without the owner knowing it. In fact, they make the use of wood for furniture and even poles almost hopeless.

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