Are termite hills really well insulated?



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         Yes. Mound building termite species usually live in hot climates such as the African Savannah or the Australian outback. The mounds they build are marvels of engineering, and allow the termites to carefully control the temperature within the mound. Some species of termite farm a fungus which must be kept at exactly 87 degrees Farenheit. Temperatures outside the mound can range by 35 degrees throughout the day, but the termites control the temperature inside the mound by opening and closing a series of heating and cooling vents. 

     A Termite Mound in Somalia    

         In Zimbabwe, architects used termite mounds as a model for the Eastgate Centre, the country’s largest shopping and office complex, which uses only 10% of the energy of a conventional structure. The owners of the Centre have already saved $3.5 million, and theses savings are passed on to the tenants, who pay rents 20% lower than rents in comparable buildings. 

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