Are teachers important in helping students shape their green lifestyles?



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    Teachers can be important influences for many things. If a teacher is good, students will often look up to them and take some of whatever advice they give on other aspects of life. I think teachers that have a subject involving environmental studies should make a point of teaching students the things they can do personally to help the environment, and other teachers can have an effect on students by example if they live relatively green themselves.

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    Absolutely and at all levels. In kindergarten through high school, teachers are seen (or at least tend to be seen) as authority figures. Even if students aren’t crazy about their teachers, they spend a lot of time with them and behaviors do rub-off after a while. In the high school and university level, as students begin to develop their mind to a level where they can share discourse about subjects and make choices and analyses for themselves, a strong example from an authority figure works in many direct and indirect ways.

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