Are tanning beds worse for you than tanning in the sun?



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    Tanning beds are slightly worse than tanning with natural sunlight, however, they both carry the risk of extra exposure to harmful UV and UVA rays that can cause cancer.  Tanning beds emit mostly UVA rays which are shown to raise the risk of melanoma, which is the most deadly form of skin cancer.  If you are going to get a tan, you’re better off taking your chances with natural sunlight because your exposure to UVA rays will be less than with a tanning bed.

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    Tanning beds are terrible mainly because of their addictive quality and the focused emissions. They are generally just as dangerous as laying in the sun for a few hours, but you only have to lay in a tanning bed for 20 mins.

    UVA/UVB ray exposure is what you need to protect yourself from. Always wear sunscreen! Below is a website that sells organic and natural sunscreens 🙂

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    It is not whether you use a tanning bed or are exposed to the sun that matters in terms of skin safety as the skin is thought to behave similarly under the exposure to ultraviolet rays, regardless if the sun is natural or via a tanning bed.  


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