Are tall buildings dangerous for birds?



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    Tall buildings, in addition to other structures like power lines and wind turbines, are dangerous to migratory birds. Tall structures are being built at a fast rate and are often placed in the path of migration or along wetlands or coastal areas, where migrating birds congregate.

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    Tall building usually incorporate hundreds of windows made of glass that birds to not see or recognize as a Do Not Enter site.  An estimated 100 million to 1 billion birds die of window collisions every year in America.  Changes to the window can help prevent bird collisions, most of which involve reducing the reflection by adding objects or decoration.  See the link below for ideas.

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    There are a number of efforts in place to help reduce bird mortality due to collision with tall buildings. In Chicago, several buildings, including the 311 South Wacker, the John Hancock Building, and the Sears Tower, all turn off their lights during times in the year when migratory birds come through the area. Many migratory birds travel at night when light from skyscrapers and other buildings can confuse them and interrupt their migratory patterns. In some places, building managers were scooping dead birds up by the shovelful off the roof, and an estimated tens of thousands of birds are killed from night lights each year. The program implemented in Chicago to turn off lights to help reduce bird mortality encourages turning off lights and high-rise residents to pull down shades or dim lights in the evening. There has been an estimated 80 percent drop in mortality since the beginning of the program.

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