Are the swallows that come to san Juan the only birds that use clay and mud to build their nests?



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    Most swallows around the world will use mud/clay to build their nests.  Other birds do this as well.  There is usually straw and/or grass mixed in to the mud for a nice mixture that makes a strong nest.  Many birds build this type of next on the edges of tree boughs. 

    The Rock Nuthatch in Southern Europe builds a very large, volcano-shaped nest. 

     This picture was taken in Montana, near the Missouri River, showing swallows’ nests.

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    The infamous birds that migrate to San Juan Capistrano are called “Cliff Swallows.” The other half of the year is spent in Argentina.

    While the Cliff Swallows due build their nests from mud, there are other birds who do as well. The Australian Mudnester is one example. The Eurasian Craig Martin is another.

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