Are subways a safer way to travel than airplanes?



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    Your odds of being killed on a reputable airline are 1:9.2 million, this figure goes up once you delve into more accident prone airlines, but not by much. Of over 35 million flights worldwide in 2009, 90 resulted in fatal accidents.

    The safety of the subway is more conditional. Many deaths or injuries on subways are the result of robberies, suicides, people standing too close etc, as well as the time of day and specific line. There is the chance of a tram car accident, but these odds are much lower than other ways you could get hurt. It’s hard to say for sure which one is safer, but given this data, I’d say planes.


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    Although the citation below doesn’t specifically reference subways, it does compare speed, cost, safety, comfort and environmental impact of traveling by Airplane, Train, Bus and Car.  Flying is much safer than driving, but train travel is safest.  They have a very good explanation to help you understand the formula used to calculate safety for each.  So I don’t know which is safer, but I think that the subway (as a train underground) probably is closer in safety to trains and safer than airplanes.

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