Are the strange and mysterious happenings and dissappearing ships in the bermuda triangle coincedences or supernatural



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    Well, there are people that would argue both sides. I believe it’s just coincidence. Many argue that the amount of people and ships that are lost in that area is not more than any area that size with that much traffic would get. However, you’ll also find believers have their own set of evidence they believe indicates something supernatural is going on.

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    I, personally am a huge fan of science fiction, or science non-fiction which sometimes is the case.  I love theories and “what if” stories. The Bermuda Triangle, to me, is fascinating in that it has been described as everything from the site of Atlantis, to a vortex, to simply human error in navigation. So the answer, then, is completely subjective. Maybe one day we will all get it, or not. It is fun to hypothesize in the meantime.

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