Are strains of viruses getting stronger because of global warming?



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    It makes sense that hotter temperatures are key for the spreading of certain viruses, and that is just what we get from global warming; with the universal increase of our planet’s temperatures, viruses will find it easier to spread in parts of the world where it was not as optimal before.

    Prime example: the West Nile Virus. From 1999-2001, the virus was a threat, but a small one, and the transmission was not considered a true danger. In 2002, a new strain emerged and spread like wildfire through North America, much easier than the previous strain, and became the ONLY strain by 2005.

    The higher heat level allows for the growth of how quickly and accurately the virus is duplicated in mosquitoes, and therefore allows for a much faster rate of spreading.

    This is just one of many viruses gaining an advantage from global warming.

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