Are animals from pets stores bred in an ethical manner?



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    There is no guarantee that pet stores sell pets that are bred and raised humanely. Pet stores are privately owned and proprietors may not always be honest about where the pets they sell come from. The Humane Society recommends pet adoption as an alternative to buying a pet to ensure that the adoption of your new pet does not generate profits for a pet farm. Another option is to buy a pet directly from a breeder, and you can often do this by searching in local ads or online.

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    You can’t necessarily trust pet stores. Pet stores will often get their pets from breeding farms such as puppy mills, which are breeding facilities that put money over the animal’s well being and health. Animasl, such as dogs in puppy mills, are often mistreated, unhealthy, injured, and animals will sometimes end up being inbred. Whenever buying a pet, make sure that you can know exactly where the pet came from, do research on the location if necessary, and make sure to see the parents of the pet. If you can’t see the parents, probably not the best to take that pet because the parents may be from a breeding farm, so the pet could have a lot of medical problems, or the parents could be very aggressive, which means that your pet would have that in him (though you could train the pet so that aggression doesn’t surface). You want to see the parents and know that they’re safe, healthy, and happy.

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