Are sting rays smart?



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    Stingrays are known to have a higher level of intelligence than their related family of sharks.  The level of intelligence is yet to be determined but they have been known to respond to subtle food signals.  They also tend to be more docile creatures and avoid attacking humans if its not necessary.

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    Good question, wall.  There is evidence to support that they are, actually.  According to, stingrays are much smarter than turtles and sharks.  The Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna actually conducted some tests in 2003 to determine the cognitive abilities of some of their stingrays, placing tubes filled with food in their tanks to see if they were able to get the food out.  The stingrays used water as a tool to spit in the tube and get the food to come out.  One of the rays even figured this out on the first try.

    Hope this helps!


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