Are Starbucks cups made from recycled paper?



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    Environmental Defense reports that Starbucks cups contain 10% postconsumer recycled product. Their innovation reportedly saves 78,000 trees per year, enough energy to supply 640 homes for a year, enough wastewater to fill 71 Olympic-sized swimming pools per year, and 109 fully-loaded garbage trucks of solid water per year.

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    Yes. Starbucks has actually been partnered with Conservation International for more than a decade and has a section on their webpage titled shared planet where they highlight their goals so far and what their goals for the future.

    According to the cups themselves the cups are made from “recycled material, 10% post consumer waste” What is hard to tell from this sentence is if the cup is 100% recycled material 10% of which is post consumer waste” or if the cup is only 10% recycled but all the recycled content is post consumer waste.

    Starbucks is also actively improving its standards for their coffee growers, increasing the recyclability of its products and trying to encourage the use of reusable cups like insulated coffee mugs and ceramic cups.

    The “Greenest” way to drink coffee is to drink organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee out of a reusable mug.

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