Are stainless steel water bottles better than other materials?



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    Depends on what you mean by ‘better.’ If you’re referring to the environment, then not necessarily. Stainless steel bottles take a lot of energy to manufacture and ship (compared to plastic). When you also consider that the hardy plastic bottles can last a while, then stainless steel isn’t any better. As for health, stainless steel doesn’t leach, so there’s no risk of BPA or any other endocrine disrupter. However, plastic bottles like Nalgene or aluminum bottles like SIGG (the newer models, at least) claim no BPA, which means stainless steel is probably only marginally better (if at all) than its counterparts.
    Finally, stainless steel is much heavier than plastic or aluminum. At the same time, it’s cheaper to produce than aluminum bottles, though I believe plastic is the cheapest. Ultimately, you’ll want to take all these into consideration if you’re deciding which one is better.

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