are spray tanners better for your body than laying in a tanning bed?



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    Tanning beds expose you to high levels of heat and UV radiation, increasing the likelihood of skin cancer.  There are absolutely no health benefits to using a tanning bed; in fact, the IARC lists tanning beds under the highest possible classification of carginogen.  Given the prevalence of salons offering high-quality spray tans, as well as spray bottles that you can buy in most beauty supply stores or drugstores, there is no good reason for anyone to use a tanning bed in order to get tan skin.

    Spray tans use tinted lotions and mixtures to fake the appearance of tanned skin.  Spray tans use no radiation and pose no major risk to the general public.  Some people may find that they have bad skin reactions to the spray tan mixture, but that will vary from person to person.  Spray tans are absolutely better for you than tanning beds.

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