Are sports jerseys eco friendly types of fabric?



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    Sports Jerseys and other types of micro-fiber shirts (such as certain under armour other sports grand shirts) themselves are not more eco friendly than any other type of fabric. Wool can be grown, micro-fiber can be synthsized, both are renewable resources.

    However, these micro-fiber clothes can be more energy efficient if they are used in such a way. Since these clothes do not absorb but repel liquids, if they are washed less often than normal clothes they can be more environmentally friendly (unless of course you are washing by hand and air drying your clothes, then it doesn’t matter how often you wash them and my argument is void).

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    Unfortunately, no not usually, in the sense that sports jerseys are rarely printed on organic fabric with biodegradable dyes, etc. Furthermore, many major athletic apparel companies use poorly-paid laborers in foreign countries to produce their products.

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