Are spiders or scorpions more poisonous?



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    yes or no, it depends on the sensitivity of the person bitten, mostly.

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    The most venomous spider is considered to be the Brazilian wandering spider. They are found in Central and South America. Its venom contains a neurotoxin that causes muscle paralysis and eventual death. However, its threat to humans is minimal, as they only inject venom in about 1/3 of their bites. 

    The death stalker scorpion is considered the most toxic of the scorpion species. It lives throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Its venom is neurotoxic and leads to unbearable pain, a fever and then a coma. It’s bite is not all the time fatal to humans, though, and is unlikely that it could kill a healthy adult. 

    Like Rigibson points out, it is difficult to quantify the exact most venomous species of spider compared against a scorpion, but hopefully this information was useful and interesting to you.

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