Are sparkletts bottles of water bad for the environment?



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    Sparkletts bottled water often comes in a large container such as those used in offices or hospitals. These containers can be reused 40 to 50 times before being recycled and according to the Sparkletts website, the company will reuse them as many times as possible. The company also makes an effort to recycle their large bottles. However, they sell single use bottles as well which use more plastic and aren’t always recycled by consumers. If you must get bottled water, Sparkletts is a good choice if you get the large size, but ideally one wouldn’t drink bottled water at all. 

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    Going off of what comitar mentioned, not drinking bottled water is the best route to go in terms of being more eco-friendly. Buying and using a water filter with your own re-usable bottles can save you money and free up space at landfills. Also, a lot of bottled water sold in stores already comes from tap water that has been filtered. There have even been studies showing that some bottled water is dirtier than tap water from your sink. 

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