Are some school lunches even more unhealthy than Big Macs?



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    It is unlikely that any single item served by a school cafeteria is as unhealthy as a Big Mac, which has 540 calories, a quarter of a person’s recommended daily intake of cholesterol and almost half the recommended daily intake of sodium. However, many schools do serve unhealthy options at lunch, like chips, burgers, hot dogs, Pop-Tarts, soda, etc. Parents should talk to their school board or PTA representative about eliminating the unhealthy options (a difficult task due to the funding schools take in from advertisements and vending machine placement) or a school-wde campaign to promote better eating. Additionally, parents should talk with their kids regularly about their dietary and exercise habits, ensuring that kids have an unbiased source of information and fostering a better understanding of the consequences of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

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