Are some people born more sensitive to what is going on in the environment or does it have to be learned?



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    Since being sensitive to environmental issues is more of a behavior, I would say it has to be learned.

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    It is very likely that some people are more genetically predisposed to care about the environment than others. Some aspects of our personalities might make us care about the environment more, and this may ultimately be derived from genetics. However, our learning environment probably has a much greater effect on this, since as greer said, it is more of a behavioral attitude.

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    I have to echo the two posters above: we learn about what matters from our parents and peers. If we grow up among others who care about the environment, we will too. If they don’t, we don’t.

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    I think there are people who are naturally passionate about helping the environment, the same way people can have passions about anything. I think it does help to be educated early on as a child about ways in which we can protect our planet. Learning from an early age can give people an eco friendly outlook on life, that they can incorporate into their lifestyle. 

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