Are some fish more effected by bioaccumulation than others?



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    No, not especially. The greatest difference in the level of toxins a creature builds up is from what it ingests. Biomagnification accounts for most of the difference. The more carnivorous an animal, the more toxins it will have in its system because it eats other animals that have toxins too.

    Since fish have similar digestive systems and genetic makeup they absorb similar amounts of nutrients from the food they eat. If you go outside the realm of fish, things change. Some animals such as bivalves, mussels and clams, filter water and small organisms; they do not excrete a lot of what they intake. They can be very poisonous if near a major source of industrial runoff. There are even animals whose bodies were designed to absorb high levels of toxins and keep them in the system as a deterrent for predators. No sea creature I know of does this, but the Tobacco Worm does.

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