Are some flavors of Gatorade better for the environment than others?



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    Fewer materials are used when packaging Gatorade in pouches than when packaging in plastic bottles. Gatorade bottles are especially wasteful because their large mouths requires that they be made with sturdier, heavier plastic, which uses more material (although PepsiCo has been working to lighten the bottles). Types of Gatorade that come in pouches include Gatorade Prime 01,  G2 Powder, and, as of 2011, 28-gram packages of Gatorade will start becoming available. Other ways to reduce packaging waste are to purchase larger bottles of Gatorade, so that less amount of plastic is used per mL of Gatorade.



    Gatorade types:


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    I agree with whyyes‘s statement that powdered drink mixes that you can put in a re-usable bottle is much better than packaging it in a disposable bottle. Plus, chances are that your tap water is better than the water that Gatorade uses to fill those bottles.

    One cautionary note on powdered drink mixes: read the ingredients carefully. I remember about ten years ago I found out that Gatorade put hydrogenated oil in their powdered drink mixes. I don’t know if they still do because I have not bought it in a long time, but read the label to make sure you know what is in there.

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