Are solar panels for your home a solid investment?



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    If you live an environment that gets frequent sun, I would say its a good investment.  You’d want to make sure you were getting the most of the panels by placing them on the south side of the house (assuming you live in the northern hemisphere) and ensuring that they don’t get shaded by any trees or other buildings the majority of the day.   Though the panels would be costly, you’d be reducing your electric bill, so the gain would be long-term.  (Plus many governments offer tax breaks or cash incentives to install renewable energy systems like solar panels.) Also if you can find ways to reduce your electrical use in addition to installing the panels, that would be ideal.  For example, instead of using a dryer hang your wash outside.  Dryers are huge energy suckers.   If your heat’s electrical, make sure your house is thoroughly insulated specifically the top part and the northside, so you won’t be losing energy.  

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