Are soft shelled turtles good pets?



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    Yes they are, and furthermore, they are commonly kept as pets. Soft-shelled turtles are popular because they are mild-mannered, but remain active throughout most of the year. 

    There are some concerns, though. First of al, turtles bite, and their bites are painful. They may scratch as well. There is also a risk of salmonella. For these reasons, a household with small children may not be the most suitable environment for a soft-shelled turtle. There is also a regulation on turtle ownership, which states the length of the turtle’s carapace must be greater than 4 inches in order for the animal to sold or bought. 

    If one chooses to keep a turtle as a pet, they should have adequate space for it. The animals require clean water in which to swim, as well as a warmed basking area. Up to 6 fully-grown soft-shelled turtles can be housed in a 35-40 gallon aquarium, with a layer of desert or river-bottom sand that measures at least a couple inches. 

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    soft shelled turtles are a common pet, but they do bite and they do have sharp mandibles.  So they probably wouldn’t be the safest bet for small children. 

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