Are smart meters a health risk?



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    It has been suggested that Smart Meters increase human exposure to unsafe levels of microwave and radiowave radiation. The standards of radiation are based on protecting an average male from tissue damage during brief exposure, but were not tested for a diverse population who might be endure prolonged or continuous exposure. It is indeed possible that Smart Meters cause electrical pollution that might risk human health.

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    Basically, a Smart Meter is sending radiofrequency radiation from each of the appliances in your home to your Smart Meter.  This means that you could have around fifteen devices continuously sending cell phone-like signals through your house.  There will also be peak power bursts that send RF radiation above current safety levels.  The Smart Meters will also have to communicate outside of your house, and they may send signals from house to house in a grid-like network.

    RF radiation is highly dangerous to animals as well.  When animals breed and live near cell towers, they have higher rates of miscarriages and birth defects.  We already know there controversy over whether or not cell phones can cause brain tumors and other forms of cancer.  And while we don’t want to be overly alarmist, we need to be incredibly cautious when sending such high levels of RF radiation through our homes. 

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