Are Smart Grids currently being used in the world?



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    Smart Grid technology is certainly being looked into on an international scale. It is estimated that $35.8 billion will be spent globally on Smart Grid by 2013.

    China is definitely gearing up for Smart Grid, as they are planning to host an exhibition on the technology in May of 2011. Europe’s Smart Grid market isn’t predicted to peak until 2014, so they will probably also be seeing some growth in that area. I also know that Japan has been actively looking into implementing Smart Grid, using organizations such as NEDO to learn from Smart Grid systems already in palce.

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    In recent news Tropos Networks has been selected to develop the smart grid communications infrastructure of Avista, Burbank Water and Power, City of Duncan, Glendale Water and Power and Silicon Valley Power. Examples of smart grid applications being used today by Tropos include AMI backhaul, distribution automation, substation security and mobile workforce. So yes, smart grids are being used in the world, and are gradually increasing in use in the world.

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    I don’t necessarily subscribe to everything there, but an interesting counterpoint to smart grids is in the link:

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