Are smaller homes always more efficient than larger ones?



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    No not necessarily. If it is a 1,000 sq ft house with 1 person, that is less efficient use of space than 5 people in a 4,000 sq ft home. Also, a lot of how efficient a home is is how it is made and what is being run inside of it. This means are there double pained windows, do the door seal tightly, is there a good amount of insulation, are there LED light bulbs, are there efficient appliances. Also you have to take into consideration the life style of the people living inside which is probably the most important factor.

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    If all other things are equal (e.g. construction design, material use etc) then bigger homes simply use more energy than smaller homes for heating and cooling. And the efficiency, as laram pointed out, in part depends on how many people are sharing the space. But, in general, while larger homes aren’t necessarily less efficienty, they do tend to consume more energy (both in initial material use and then in continued heating/cooling requirements). 

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