Are small kitchens going to catch on?



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    Likely. Smaller in general is catching on, from houses to cars. Smaller houses means smaller kitchens. The smaller anything is, the fewer resources it uses. Many designers are using this trend to it’s fullest, by making space saving appliances, double-duty cabinetry, and optimum storage space.

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    Small galley kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in many homes today. Some benefits of kitchens free of big appliances and accessories include:
    *perfect for people looking to save space in their homes or who prefer minimalist styling
    * Several people can comfortably work in the kitchen at the same time without getting in one another’s way — designed so each person in the kitchen can man his/her own “station”
    *The need to move around is reduced, as everything is within easy reach
    *Reduces the risk of accidents since less movement is required
    *Cool colors (e.g., green, blue, violet, whites, neutrals) make small kitchens look larger and make the room feel cooler by absorbing light rather than reflect it

    Check out this swiveling cabinet approach for addressing space limitations:

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