Are Silicone wristbands harmful for the enviorement? Especially the ocean?

I am part of a non-profit that wants to use custom Silicone wristbands to spread word on saving the ocean.



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    According to the article cited below, silicones, the material used to make the wristbands have low toxic and chemical reactivity and water repellant. The extraction of silicones may have some impact on the environment, but is likely less than a lot of other materials. Because of its relatively low impact on the environment, the production and use of silicone wristbands are not considered to be damaging to the environment. The use of these wristbands to promote and advocate for a cause has and will have a positive influence on environmental protection and conservation. Just be mindful of how you dispose them. I am sure animals won’t be able to digest them and like the plastic rings, animals can get caught in them and hurt themselves. 

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