Are the side effects of swine flue vaccine worth it?



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    Only you can decide if the potentially side effects of the swine flu vaccine, most notably mild muscle cramps and headaches, are worth it for you personally. If the benefits (notably not being prone to epidemic) outweigh the potential side-effects, then yes, get the vaccine.

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    The side effects are relatively mild, and only in rare casese will people have extremely strong reactions to it. The GB scare of the 70’s is not an issue with this current vaccine, so that should not be a concern. If you are younger (between the ages of 2-25) or are caring for someone who is, it is probably a good idea to get it since this flu is especially dangerous for younger people. The potential complications of actually getting the swine flu outweigh the side effects of the vaccine in my opinion.

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    In my opinion, not getting the flu is a much better choice than possibly getting some side effects from the vaccine.  I’ve personally had the flu (the swine flu) and it was HORRIBLE.  If the vaccine had been available before I contracted it, I would have definitely take it.  It really comes down to your opinion on the matter and what you are willing to live with. 

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