Are Siberian Cranes endangered?



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    Siberian Cranes are “critically endangered” according to the International Crane Foundation (link below).  Siberian Cranes face a rapidly decreasing habitat due to human expansion and development.  It is estimated that there are only 2,900-3,000 Siberian Cranes left in the region, and their numbers are depleting rapidly.  


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    Siberian cranes are one step above below endangered. They are currently considered critically endangered with roughly 3,000 left in the world. Reduced habitat and hunting are major threats to this bird. These threats vary between western and eastern populations. 

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    Yes, the Siberian crane population is considered critically endangered and is now only found in two populations, the eastern and western.  “All but a few existing birds belong to the eastern population, which breed in northeastern Siberia and winter along the middle Yangtze River in China. The western population winters at a single site along the south coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran and breeds just south of the Ob River east of the Ural Mountains in Russia.”

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    Siberian cranes are critically endangered. They are now found only in very small populations in two places. There are only a few birds in the eastern population, which mate in Siberia and spend their winters on the Yangtze River. The western population is slightly bigger, and mates at a single spot in Iran and spends their winters in the mountains of Russia. There was a central population, but it went extinct in 2002. Habitat destruction and hunting are the main threat to these birds.

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