Are shipping pallets safe to build with?

I want to build a little garden cottage and I love the idea of keeping some pallets out of the landfill. It’s a huge bonus that they are easy to come by and free too. I’m just concerned about curing agents that may have been used when they were made and if they are safe to work with.



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    That sounds like a really cool idea. However, shipping pallets tend to be re-used until they break or the wood is too old to be used again. I’m surprised that you can get them for free! I don’t think that most shipping pallets are treated with loads of chemicals. Here is an article concerning mold growth on shipping pallets. If mold can grow on them, I doubt that they have been treated with too many toxic chemicals. However, mold spores are a problem in and of themselves. They can cause respiratory problems. So, I would recommend getting a sample pallet and doing a few tests on it before you start building. Test it for strength by seeing how much weight it can still bear and inspect it for mold.

    Anyway, have fun! This sounds like an awesome project 🙂

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      Mold eh? that sounds scary! I’ve seen tons of post on Craigslist for free pallets and there are some really neat sites on the web from folks who have used them for building. I just need to be sure they are safe before starting my project. I also love the earthship idea of using tires packed with sand to build, they seem to be a bit harder to come by. Thanks for your input. Happy day to you!
      The coolest pallet house eva’…
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