Are shipping container houses cheap?



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    Good question, Kaitlin.  It sort of depends on how extravagant you make your shipping container house.  There is one company who just builds the shell of the house, and that sells for about 10,000 dollars.  How much work you put into the house after that will make it either kind of cheaper, or way cheaper, but I think it the are still cheaper.  A finished shipping container house with the same quality as a conventional house is about half the cost in the northeast.

    Hope this helps!

    (ps, for a lot of cool shipping container house photos and a more thorough write up, follow the link below!)

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    While “cheap” is a fairly subjective term, it seems safe to say that shipping container houses are affordable. There are two ways of going about living in one of these homes:

    1) Build the house yourself. This means paying for the containers (a standard 40′ container should go for between $1,500-2,000) as well as transportation, modification, etc.)

    2) Buying an already built shipping container house. Just like with a regular house, the cost here depends on size, style, location, etc.


    Both options are certainly affordable in the scheme of real estate and construction as well as a great way to reuse shipping containers and live in a funky, unique house. 

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    It depends how creative you want to get.  Shipping container homes are very flexible and can be made into a number of arrangements.  One, for example, houses a family of four very comfortably for about $55,000.  To learn more, check out the site below. 

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