Are sharks an endangered animal?



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    Some species of sharks are endangered, and others on the verge of extinction. The Great White Shark and Whale Shark are two species that have been on the endangered species list since 1991. The link below provides a database of 201 endangered shark species.

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    Great White sharks may be the most endangered of the sharks, as well as animals in general.  Some wildlife experts say there are less than 3,500 Great Whites in the wild.  With advancements in tracking methods, scientists have been able to glean that sharks seen in various parts of the ocean are the same sharks that have migrated from other parts of the world.  Victims of overfishing and hunting, Great Whites are a dying breed.  Despite their reputations for ruthlessness and viscious attacks, people are starting to understand the importance of sharks which may help in conservation efforts. 

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    Many species of sharks are endangered; currently, 201 shark species are on the “red list”, an index of endangered plant and animal species by the World Conservation Union. There’s a common misconception that sharks are killers, but in reality, humans kill sharks much more. The “International Action Plan for Sharks” states that more than 100 out of 400 shark species are commercially exploited, that many species are being exploited to the point that their long-term survival is dubious, and that a better monitoring program must be established to protect sharks from being fished.

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